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Geocache of the month

Geocache of the Month: October 2017

One of Sydney's masters of the creative cache, Rainbow Spirit, has won GOTM for October 2017 with his 6 year old 2011 installment "Please Release Me" (GC39HDX)! There are some great caches in Pemulwuy area of Western Sydney so add this one to your hit list next time you visit. From the CO's own description "The cache is not your normal cache hide, and finding the container will be just the start of your endeavours to release the cache from its prison". While listed as a micro traditional don't let that put you off as finding the thing isn't the highlight here. Make sure you have a few minutes to spare as some cachers are caught at GZ for much longer than traditional log signing duties would dictate! Lurker

The little captive has earned a 55% favourite rating from its 51 favourite points and 144 finds to date, though as the hide predates the introduction of the FP system this would tilt things a little against its true standing. The GCNSW committee chose the cache with a couple of members doing it recently and noting the fun they had.

Image Credit:  Kid Ron Satan - from cache log

Of further note for wildlife enthusiasts is the number of 4, 8 and no-legged cache guardians that have been spotted during attempted to free the little blue midgit so do be on the lookout! 

While out caching this November don't forget to take note of any great or unusual finds you make. Nominate the NSW geocache that has impressed you and say why you think it deserves the award. It doesn't have to be a geocache hidden or found in the past month or even the past year. It can be listed on any geocaching site, needs to start or finish in NSW and not currently be archived. Head over to the Forum and start nominating or post on our Facebook page.