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News and notices

World Parks Congress Geocaching Day

Well that was a lovely morning. Today some of the Committee and two very appreciated volunteers in Chad and Grant attended an event for the IUCN World Parks Congress in ‪#‎SydneyPark‬. The rain threatened but cleared to a glorious day and about 40 delegates from around the country and world got to experience Geocaching as an activity to bring youth into parks using technology. Huge thanks to those who helped out, and if you haven't yet, make sure you go check out the couple of permanent caches the park offers and the amazing rejuvenation the space has undergone in recent years.

Myrtle rust

myrtle-rust-agonis 300x200At our 2012 North Sydney Get Together event, we were told that myrtle rust has now spread to the Sydney region. We have also been informed by geocachers in Queensland that it is now a problem in that state too. If you come across myrtle rust, please stand away from the affected tree, take a photo and mark the approximate coordinates with your GPS receiver. When you return home contact the council or land manager to alert them.

The following information is from fellow geocacher Meredith Stewart.

You may have heard over the last few months of an outbreak of Myrtle Rust on the Central Coast. While containment in the nurseries has beenlargely successful, in recent weeks the situation has worsened with it's detection in bushland in several reserves on the Central Coast. These reserves have been closed down and extensive control works are under way as we speak.

There is a risk that anyone moving through bushland could potentially be spreading the disease via spores on clothing, including hats, within a reserve or from one reserve to another.


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